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Poster: nickteller25 Date: Dec 4, 2005 1:31am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: This is NOT good news

regardless of the petty arguments between you and Chris U., I too agree with your initial statement.

The ownership of product is an unfortunate reality in the business world, which, incidentally is what the GD were conducting...a business. Sure, a business that played music and encouraged free taping for many years; but, even on the Dead's best day, they were in the business of creating music and continue to be. This fact cannot be avoided.

And the compromise they made, AUD downloads and SB streaming is more than fair. They must protect themselves and their business.

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Poster: biginjapan Date: Dec 5, 2005 1:27am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: This is NOT good news

As a musician, and an artist, I find this whole 'boycott the Grateful Dead' argument to be incredibly disturbing.

The Grateful Dead's taping policy was originally based on the idea that it would be treated, and received, with honor, clarity, and ethics. The honor has turned into the honor among thieves. The clarity has turned into a half-dream state of misconceptions and faded idealisms. The ethics has eroded into some kind of bastardized pop-legalese which, with a few clever adjustments, makes wrong and right the exact same thing. I'm pretty sure that this arguing, or threatening of boycott, or screaming amongst 'fans' is not what The Dead had in mind.
But for me this dialog (which really isn't dialog at all) asks the age-old question: Does the hard-core fan actually love their favorite celebrity, or do they actually hate their favorite celebrity? This anger for the Grateful Dead did not just pop out of thin air, you know. This is something that has been boiling and festering for years and years. Why? How did it start? Where will it stop? Are they happy that the Grateful Dead gave in to your demands? Clearly they aren't, so, at what point will they be happy? My guess is: never -which is really too bad.
So good luck with your boycott. I hope you win. Stick it to those bastards in the Grateful Dead! Or, no, not the Grateful Dead per se, but their record company...or...not them, but...their....I don't even know who you're sticking it to, really. Do you?

For the record, I'm not a Republican. And besides, the concept (or luxury) of using art to pay one's bills is hardly a right-wing conspiracy. As far as I can tell, there isn't a political party in existence whose platform outlines an entitlement to get free Grateful Dead music.
And good luck to Chris U's record production company. I'm sure that he gives away all of his product for free -which is very admirable. Kudos to him for achieving the impossible.